"I started training with Chris beginning of this year, hoping to finally develop a lasting habit. I was a bit nervous but he was welcoming and easy to get on with. I get easily bored but he created a varied and challenging programme I could also follow on days he wasn’t training me. It’s been 5 months and I’m still going strong I feel more toned and I have a good routine. Chris is an absolute gem, would definitely recommend!"
Hanna Kalafarska
"I’ve been having PTs with Chris for a few years, when I started with him I was lacking direction and confidence in my fitness journey. Thanks to Chris and his passion and knowledge for fitness I’m now the healthiest and the most focussed I’ve ever been! I can’t thank him enough."
"Chris has mentored me through my training for roughly 3 years, of which I have seen substantial improvements and growth. Due to health complications, I had to change my training which Chris managed to accommodate, and provide excellent tips and advice on how I can still grow with a drastic change in training ability. From nutrition advice, movement mechanics, all the way through to emotional support, Chris has truly been a substantial force for my mental and physical health."
Matt Tanner
"Chris has been training me for the past year or so. He has massively helped build my stamina and endurance. I’m the lightest and the fittest I have been in years working with Chris. He makes training more like therapy than a gym session as he combines laughter and fun with a hard work out to leave you feeling great mentally and physically. Would highly recommend him to anyone."
Tom Ainscough